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Model: SL-06HT
Product Description Transparent high security cable seals are made of transparent plastic body, stainless steel wire, and sticker. Flexible, tamperproof, user-friendly and customisable. Pull-tight scurity seals, adjustable length, meet your length needs. Printed with default unique series number in..
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Twist Plastic Meter Seals (Pack of 100) with stainless steel wire (100m) Twist Plastic Meter Seals (Pack of 100) with stainless steel wire (100m)
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Model: SL-01E
Product Description Twist plastic meter seals are used for electric, gas, water meters and other utility meter, usually molded in polycarbonate. The transparent body of the security seal means that the locking mechanism is visible, and can provide clear indication of tampering. PC casing,ABS core, ..
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ZC-10K RFID Container Bolt Seal ZC-10K RFID Container Bolt Seal
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Model: ZC-10K
Product Description The RFID electronic container bolt seal is embed an RFID chip in a common bolt seal, neither before sealing nor after destruction can not be read by the seal's rfid chip. It Mmde of ABS plastic as the seal shell, outsourcing on ABS, lock body surface can be customized laser typ..
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