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Security Seals
Security Seals
Your Cargo Security Solutions
Affordable, Fast, Stock and Customizable
High Quality Security Seals
ISO 17712 compliant Security Seals, Multiple patents worldwide.
Technological Innovation
Traditional Security Seals → RFID electronic seals → GPS Locks
Professional Manufacturer
Since in 1990, We specializing in security seals and related products.
Free System
We offer electronic security seal's free system and app.


Plastic seals are widely used within the transportation industry. Products ..
Ztower store offer ISO 17712 certified bolt seals are specifically designed..
Ztower Store has a complete line of cable seals, all cable seals are availa..
Meter seals provide easy visual indication of meter tampering. We offer man..
Ztower offers a comprehensive line of tamper evident padlock seals, Padlock..
The RFID E-seals are a radio frequency security seals that transmits cont..
Security Seals Production