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Plastic Seals

Plastic seals are widely used within the transportation industry. Products and solutions for the security and traceability of merchandise, good sand assets. Plastic seals divided into two categories: adjustable length, fixed length. Most plastic seals for single use, destruct when open.  We offer a wide range of stock and custom plastic seals  in variety of colors and options.
Adjustable Plastic Seal(Pack of 100Pcs) Adjustable Plastic Seal(Pack of 100Pcs)
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Model: SL-12F
Product DescriptionAccording to the applied need, the one piece seal can have its length adjusted. Tag lock easy, which has good anti-corrosion performance, environmental protection, clear identification number, convenient use, low price and good quality! The seal has a suitable label which can be p..
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Adjustable Pull-Tight Toothed Plastic Seal (Pack of 100) Adjustable Pull-Tight Toothed Plastic Seal (Pack of 100)
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Model: SL-07F
Product Description Product Feature:  1. High Quality Material: The durable PP securing strap gives the seal enough strength to match different user applications.  2. Self-locking: Pull tight, no tools required. 3. Adjustable Length: With over twenty locking positions. 4. ..
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Bead Security Plastic Seals (Pack of 100pcs) Bead Security Plastic Seals (Pack of 100pcs)
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Model: SL-06F
Product DescriptionSecurity seal with beaded cable, easy to lock, firmly, good insulation, good toughness, not easy ageing. Pull tight locking mechanism with adjustable locking length. Each plastic seal printed with unique series number. Material: PP, ..
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Model: ZCSX-01
Container Security Seal (ZCSX-01), unique style and easy to use, simple, beautiful, safer sealing. Four - sided buckle to reinforce the product sealing range. Smooth and non-slip double sided design. Container Security Seal (ZCSX-01) PDFDecoration/Printing: Custom embossing, serial number, alphabet,..
Ex Tax:$35.90
Model: SL-22F
Product DescriptionFixed length seals, commonly called "fixed closure seals" Plastic ball-end seal helps protect cargo against tampering & theft. Commonly used on van trailers, railroad cars, containers and storage bins. Offer an audit trail due to sequential numbering and the ability on some se..
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Model: ZC-10F
Product DescriptionZC-10F plastic electronic seal is a seal with a non-contact identifiable RFID chip.The chip and the marked object and other information are bound in the database,Automatically identify target objectsThe tail connection at the head is designed with a "spike" for fixing the position..
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Model: SL-41F
Product DescriptionInnovative ring bead design replaces traditional triangular teeth. The smooth tail design makes stretch easier. The appropriate length of the plastic tag is 300mm, designed for freight petrochemical container/ cement / food / bank / supermarket etc. The locks are specially designe..
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Model: SL-10F
Product DescriptionThe surface of the product is smooth and not easy to be scratched, which is made nylon PP&PE plastic seal, durable corrosion resistance and good resilience. The wire label tags are provided two locks: one is disposable lock which is for single use like container seals, the oth..
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New Style Ladder Pull-Tight Plastic Seals (Pack of 100) New Style Ladder Pull-Tight Plastic Seals (Pack of 100)
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Model: SL-03F
Product Description Ladder Pull-Tight Plastic Seals is a self-locking seal. Pull tight locking mechanism, adjustable length more than 30 Locking point for customer's, easy to use, designed for single use, destruct when open. It suitable for trailer doors, bulk tankers, railroad cars, cash-in-tran..
$17.50 $19.90
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Model: SL-08F
Product DescriptionThe padlock Locking mechanism ensure that the seal can not resealed again and not adjustable.Each plastic seal printed with unique sequential number for additional tamper evidence. Insert the head of the security seals into the air of the tail to complete the usage. Save your time..
Ex Tax:$18.00
Model: SL-44F
Product Description The plastic seal made of high-density polyethylene, which use for greater durability in extreme weather. Remove by pulling firmly on the seal’s tear away tab, requirement not additional tools to remove, simply pull the designated tab away from the seal to remove. Unsurpassed cust..
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Small and Smooth Plastic Lable Seals (Pack of 100pcs) Small and Smooth Plastic Lable Seals (Pack of 100pcs)
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Model: SL-02F
Product DescriptionThe inside of the lable contains steel sheets. Automatic locking when inserted.Smooth tail design makes insertion easier .Each tag is printed with a sequential number to prevent the content from being tampered with.  Widely application: use in personal file, po..
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