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RFID E-Seals

The RFID E-seals are a radio frequency security seals that transmits container information when interrogated by an RAIN RFID portal or mobile reader.
It combines mechanical security of traditional security seals with the electronic security offered by RFID technology. The RFID E-seals has unique ID code and read / write user memory capabilities to ensure the security of the seals. It provides automatic identification of containers trucks and trailers etc.

ZC-10K RFID Container Bolt Seal ZC-10K RFID Container Bolt Seal
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Model: ZC-10K
Product Description The RFID electronic container bolt seal is embed an RFID chip in a common bolt seal, neither before sealing nor after destruction can not be read by the seal's rfid chip. It Mmde of ABS plastic as the seal shell, outsourcing on ABS, lock body surface can be customized laser typ..
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