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Cable Seals

Ztower Store has a complete line of cable seals, all cable seals are available in a variety of colors and can be laser printed providing a clear, easy to read numbered, barcoded, logo, etc.
We offer Stock and custom products in variety of length along with some of the fastest delivery time in the industry even on custom Security seal orders.

Adjustable Pull-Tight Cable Seals       (Pack of 50) Adjustable Pull-Tight Cable Seals       (Pack of 50)
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Model: SL-02H
Product Description The adjustable pull-tight cable seals is made of aluminium body and stainless steel wire, aluminium body for laser printing, ensure high visibility and readability. These cable seals have a very high tension strength. and come pre-printed with digit sequential numbers. To us..
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Model: SL-06H
 Product DescriptionABS Plastic and zinc casting, φ1.8mm (0.07") Steel Wire; Strength: more than 4.0KN Total length: 300mm (11.8") Unique Series number printed for security ID recognition; Pull tight locking mechanism. Locking length is adjustable. Easy operation; Designed for only a single use..
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Disposable Lead Steel Wire Plug Wire Seals (Pack of 50Pcs) Disposable Lead Steel Wire Plug Wire Seals (Pack of 50Pcs)
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Model: SL-04H
Product DescriptionThere are two holes on the top of the lock body, one of which is fixed in the inside of the lock body, and the other is used to pull out the wire to lock the function.The galvanized aeronautical semi-loose steel wire rope can withstand the tension of the lock body structure and ca..
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Model: SL-01H
Product DescriptionThe cable seal made of ABS plastic and zinc casting with φ1.8mm (0.07") steel wire. More than 4.0KN of tension making the product more secure, which removing with cable cutters. Default with sequential number on the seal tag to distinguish products and anti theft. Designed for onl..
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Model: zc-06h
Product Name:ZC-06H Electronic Cable Seal, UHF intelligent identification Metal lead seal label chip Seal Function:Designed to be used on any equipment requiring a highly tamper-resistant locking mechanism and reasonable degree of strength. Application:Suitable for containers, trailers, wagons, ra..
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Model: SL-06HT
Product Description Transparent high security cable seals are made of transparent plastic body, stainless steel wire, and sticker. Flexible, tamperproof, user-friendly and customisable. Pull-tight scurity seals, adjustable length, meet your length needs. Printed with default unique series number in..
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Model: ZC-43B
Product Name:RFID Electronic LabelAntenna Size: 24*10MMTID : 48bits read onlyUser Area : 32 bits read onlyAccess Password Area : 32 bits can read and writeDestroy the Password Area : 32 bits readable and writableNumber of Reads and Writes: 100,000 timesData Storage : 10 yearsAnti-static Performance ..
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