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Security Seals

Model: ZC-06F
Feature:UNADJUSTABLE: The padlock Locking mechanism ensure that the seal can not resealed again and not adjustable.Why Need Tamper Proof:Each seal is a single-use lock which without any key. It can not be open once locked and cannot be used again once removed. In addition, each seal is unique ..
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Model: SL-04C
Product DescriptionModel:SL-04CName:High quality meter security seal copper wirePackage: 1 rollMaterial: CopperSize Length: 100mm, Diameter: 0.6mmColor: CopperApplication for water meter seal,electricity meter seal,ballot box ectNote:Please feel free to contact us if you need customized th..
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Double Strand Stainless Steel Wire (100m/1roll) Double Strand Stainless Steel Wire (100m/1roll)
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Model: SL-03C
Product DescriptionModel:SL-03CName:High quality meter security seal wire stainless wirePackage: 1 rollMaterial Stainless wireSize Length: 100mm, Diameter: 0.6mmColor SilverApplication for water meter seal,electricity meter seal,ballot box ectNote:Please feel free to contact us if you need cust..
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Model: SL-01A
Product DescriptionTraditional meter seal. One Piece Seal is specifically designed to indicate whether the fire extinguisher has been compromised.Available specific: Ø6mm x 4mm(H),Ø7mm x 4mm(H),Ø8mm x 4mm(H)Ø8mm x 5mm(H),Ø9mm x 4mm(H),Ø9mm x 5mm(H)Ø10mm x 4mm(H)Ø10mm x 4mm(H)Ø10mm x 6mm(H)Ø12mm x 5m..
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Model: SL-22F
Product DescriptionFixed length seals, commonly called "fixed closure seals" Plastic ball-end seal helps protect cargo against tampering & theft. Commonly used on van trailers, railroad cars, containers and storage bins. Offer an audit trail due to sequential numbering and the ability on some se..
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GPS Logistic Intelligent Lock ZC-ZNS001 GPS Logistic Intelligent Lock ZC-ZNS001
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Model: ZC-ZNS001
Product DescriptionThe GPS logistic intelligent lock in meeting the operation needs of transportation, logistic, oil, security industry, private organizations and government departments. We successfully combine realizable mechanical lock, GPS and advance wireless communication technology to make the..
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Model: ZC-10F
Product DescriptionZC-10F plastic electronic seal is a seal with a non-contact identifiable RFID chip.The chip and the marked object and other information are bound in the database,Automatically identify target objectsThe tail connection at the head is designed with a "spike" for fixing the position..
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Model: Sl-02E
Product Description The twist plastic meter seals are an easily applied seals. Polycarbonate for the outer transparent body, ABS plastic for the inner part. A clear body houses a colour insert with a one way rotating locking mechanism. Once sealed, the locking mechanism is completely encased, meani..
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Model: SL-41F
Product DescriptionInnovative ring bead design replaces traditional triangular teeth. The smooth tail design makes stretch easier. The appropriate length of the plastic tag is 300mm, designed for freight petrochemical container/ cement / food / bank / supermarket etc. The locks are specially designe..
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ISO 17712 High Security Bolt Seals (Pack of 10 PCS) ISO 17712 High Security Bolt Seals (Pack of 10 PCS)
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Model: SL-01J
Product Description The ISO 17712 High Security Bolt Seals is made of high grade Q235A steel (pin & bush) and ABS plastic, used to seal shipping containers in a way that provides tamper evidence and some level of security. Such seals can help to detect theft or contamination, either accidental ..
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Model: SL-01K
Product DescriptionThe metal bolt seal is a high security bolt seal specifically designed to safeguard high valued cargo. ZC bolt seal are ISO 17712 certified for high security and is C-TPAT compliant. Such seals can help to anti theft or contamination, either accidental or deliberate, typically the..
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Model: SL-10F
Product DescriptionThe surface of the product is smooth and not easy to be scratched, which is made nylon PP&PE plastic seal, durable corrosion resistance and good resilience. The wire label tags are provided two locks: one is disposable lock which is for single use like container seals, the oth..
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