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Meter seals

Meter seals provide easy visual indication of meter tampering. We offer many types of high quality meter seals, each with their own unique benefits, widely used in water meters, gas meters and electric meters.and many other utilities meter applications. The meter seals powerful and easy to use., no tools to install or remove.

Model: SL-01A
Product DescriptionTraditional meter seal. One Piece Seal is specifically designed to indicate whether the fire extinguisher has been compromised.Available specific: Ø6mm x 4mm(H),Ø7mm x 4mm(H),Ø8mm x 4mm(H)Ø8mm x 5mm(H),Ø9mm x 4mm(H),Ø9mm x 5mm(H)Ø10mm x 4mm(H)Ø10mm x 4mm(H)Ø10mm x 6mm(H)Ø12mm x 5m..
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Model: Sl-02E
Product Description The twist plastic meter seals are an easily applied seals. Polycarbonate for the outer transparent body, ABS plastic for the inner part. A clear body houses a colour insert with a one way rotating locking mechanism. Once sealed, the locking mechanism is completely encased, meani..
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QR Code Meter Security Seal SL-03E  (Pack of 100pcs) QR Code Meter Security Seal SL-03E  (Pack of 100pcs)
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Brand: Apple Model: SL-03E
Product DescriptionModel No.:SL-03EMaterial:ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)Function: Guard thief,keep sercet.Application:  Meters, Warehouse, International freight forwarders,Electronic Meter,Water Meter,Gas Meter Or Others.Specification:Used with any kind of traditional sealing wireAvail..
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Twist Plastic Meter Seals (Pack of 100) with stainless steel wire (100m) Twist Plastic Meter Seals (Pack of 100) with stainless steel wire (100m)
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Model: SL-01E
Product Description Twist plastic meter seals are used for electric, gas, water meters and other utility meter, usually molded in polycarbonate. The transparent body of the security seal means that the locking mechanism is visible, and can provide clear indication of tampering. PC casing,ABS core, ..
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